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Order DAC Underground CDs

Johnny Rebel 1

Johnny Rebel 2


D A C - Underground CD Collection! CD Set--> 

Yes this is the CD's you've heard about. 

These CD's are very hard to find and has all the classic Underground music made in the 1980's.

Purchase CDs

*Order All CDs Complete Set Only $95
*Order the Johnny Rebel #1 CD Only $24 
*Order the Johnny Rebel #2 CD Only $24 
*Order the Underground CD Only $24
*Order the Nothing Sacred CD Only $24
Nothing Sacred
Song List
  • Nothing Sacred
  • P*ssy Whipped Again
  • Cum Stains On The Pillow
  • Linda Lovelace
  • F*ck Aneta Briant
  • Jimmy Buffet
  • 3 Biggest Lies
  • Whips And Things
  • Rails
  • Master Bation Blues
Song List
  • Rock and Roll Fever
  • Panheads Forever
  • Nigger F*cker
  • Coffee
  • One Monkey
  • One More Time
  • Little Suzie Shallow Throat
  • Pick Em, Lick Em' Stick Em
  • Don't Bite the Dick
  • F*ckin in the Butt
Johnny Rebel
Song List

List #1

  • Johnny Reb
  • Ship those n*ggers back
  • Stand up and be counted
  • Looking for a handout
  • Kajun KKK
  • Move them n*ggers north
  • N*gger hating me
  • Segregation wagon
  • I'm gonna stay a jig
  • We don't want no n*ggers
  • Welfare checks

List #2

  • Living next to n*ggers
  • That's the way a n*igger goes
  • She died a n*gger
  • We is non-violent n*ggers
  • Some n*ggers never die
  • In coon town
  • They don't belong in Dixie
  • Who likes a n*gger
  • Who needs a n*gger
  • Still looking for a handout
  • Black power
All CDs are shipped via USPS first class in a plain unmarked box. We will ship your CDs within 48 hours of taking your order, you can expect delivery in 3-5 business days.

Buy the 3 CD Complete Set and save $ on shipping

Same CD collection featured on the Howard Stern show!

Enjoy! You will NOT be disappointed


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